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ProCollar - Premium Protective Collar

ProCollar (M) Medium


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ProCollar - Premium Protective Collar
Medium: 9-13 inches

The ProCollar is a comfy alternative to the buster collar, that can reduce the stress suffered by dogs that are recovering from surgery or minor injuries.

The ProCollar has a canvas fabric outer layer and a separate inflatable inner tube, with a velcro fastening strap on the outside edge and fabric hoops to secure against your dog’s collar on the inside edge. It does not restrict vision or dig into the neck like the standard plastic elizabethan collars. Using a ProCollar also makes it much easier for them to see and reach their food bowl.

The ProCollar will be supplied to you in a box fully assembled. It will need to be inflated by you before it is ready to use. Just pinch and blow into the valve, close the cap and push it flush with the outer jacket. You will need to use your dog’s regular collar to thread through the tabs on the inside edge to prevent the ProCollar from being pushed off the head. When fitting the ProCollar your dog should be supervised to ensure they are unable to reach any of the affected areas.

ProCollar (M) Medium: 9-13 inches ✘ out of stock £19.00

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Other sizes of ProCollars are available. Please check you have the right one for your requirements and refer to our Size Guide to check measurements. Please note that for hygiene reasons the ProCollar is non-returnable. With any type of collar (including elizabethan collars) some of the more determined pets may still be able to reach their hind quarters, tails and paws.

The ProCollar is not recommended for breeds with longer bodies and longer necks such as daschunds, whippets, greyhounds and dobermans.

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